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Service Projects
Camp Kemo:  The MOC annually pre-sell BBQ that they cook, pick, package and make available for pick up at the end of August.  They also host a BBQ Dinner on the last Wed in August as part of the fundraising event.  50% goes to support Camp Kemo and 50% to the church. 
Church and Homebound Member Projects:  We are called on to help with small construction projects for some of our shut in members as well as around the facility.  In 2014 we built the concession stand at the back of the church for PraiseFest and potentially soccer tournaments.   We also The have stepped up to build ramps, install railings and other various tasks for our homebound members.
The MOC have always been part of church workdays.  These include minor repairs, painting, sometimes building shelves or a cabinet, clean up and landscaping around the church and various other tasks.
The MOC are a great support for church wide events like the annual bazaar, Founders Day, Rally Day, Christmas activities, PraiseFest, weddings and funerals and other special events by setting up tables and chairs in Potts Hall, the Outreach room, even outside or the soccer field, wherever help is needed.
With Spring Valley High School right across the street, the MOC staffs our parking lot for their large events (i.e. statewide tracks meets and statewide band competitions)  that require overflow parking. The funds raised are used for various non-budgeted needs around the church, youth missions trips and other local church supported missions. 


Last Published: August 12, 2015 7:45 PM


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