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svpc stained glass window
Stained Glass Windows
All fourteen windows were designed by Hord Stubblefield (1990). Mr. Stubblefield was a member of Spring Valley Presbyterian Church.  

More information on all 14 windows and Hord Stubblefield, the designer.

The Sovereignty Window is the Chancel window.  This window employs the flowers of God's world as religious figures.  The outer circle is a wreath of Sparkleberry symbolizing God's world without end. 

Beginning with the south transept and the "I am" Window and continuing down the south side of the church, the windows symbolize the life of Christ. All of the windows are in the form of a circle surrounding a quatrefoil. The vesica piscis, or fish, is found between the arcs of the quatrefoil. Each window has a flower in the border pertaining to the window’s theme.

Beginning with the north transept and the Creation Window, and continuing down the north side of the church, these windows symbolize the history of the church.  In these windows, the vesica picis, or fish, found between the arcs of the quatrefoil, symbolizing the early church.  The Greek word for fish is Icthus.  Each letter in Icthus stands for the first letters of "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior".   Each of these windows also has a flower in the border relating to that window's theme.


Last Published: August 12, 2015 2:28 PM