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Women's Circles - general information

Involvement in circle life can help a woman’s personal Christian faith to grow and be nurtured as women share with and pray for one another. Members must be willing to participate in prayer, study, and service and learn how to be accepting and forgiving of each other. Members of circles become a part of a small group in which they can be strengthened and supported in their needs, concerns, joys and sorrows.

A Circle is where…

· Faith is nurtured and growth takes place through worship, study, friendship, and outreach.

· Women are challenged to stretch beyond their limits.

· Women move beyond the safe places of life & reach out to others.

· Christian leadership is born, nurtured and sent forth into ministry.

Each year more than 100,00 women gather in PW Circles or other similar small groups on a regular basis for fun, fellowship and an opportunity to nurture their faith using PW’s Horizons Bible study.