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Junior High Sunday School

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Sixth & Seventh Grades

Location:  Room 214
Youth in grades 6 & 7 will use the Growing in Grace and Gratitude curriculum in Sunday School. This curriculum connects faith questions collected from Presbyterian youth with questions from The Study Catechism: Confirmation Version. Young people will bring their questions to the Bible and learn to navigate scripture as they address issues of life and faith. 
Location:  Room 212
If you are going into 8th grade or higher and would like to grow deeper in your faith and learn about what it means to be a member of the church then this class is for you! Throughout the year, the class will engage in discussion, service projects, a mentor relationship, and a retreat!
Senior High Sunday School
Location: Youth Loft

Our youth in grades 9-12 meet in our Youth Loft weekly.  Their curriculum is Feasting on the Word.  This innovative resource incorporates a commentary style to explore one of the lectionary passages in ways suitable for all participants. This curriculum begins with a solid scriptural and theological base for leaders and invites leaders and learners deeper into the rhythm of the church year. It utilizes a common Bible passage for all learners, making it easy for families to learn and live out their faith together.
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