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God in the midst of in the midst of God

We are committed to provide a Christian community that shares Christ's love and fellowship.

Episcopalians believe in a Trinitarian God, which means a God of creation, redemption, and constant presence and love. This belief is stated in forms called Creeds that are said together at worship services. We believe that the church is Christ living and visible in the world. This does not mean that any group is perfect. In fact, belonging to a church is an exercise in patience, forbearance, and love.  But at every baptism, all the people are asked again to renew their own baptismal covenant. One of the questions is "Will you continue in the apostles' teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in the prayers?" We believe that we are called to continue practices that date back to Jesus. 



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        The Episcopal Church-USA

      Diocese of Southern VA





   Sunday Worship Schedule 

8 AM - Holy Communion without music

9:15 AM - Sunday School and Adult Forum

10 AM - Holy Communion with music

Nursery available from  9 AM - 11:15 AM

For months with 5 Sundays, a Fifth Sunday luncheon is held after the 10 AM service     

                  Looking Ahead

May 30 - Breakfast at Ronald McDonald House

May 31 - 5th Sunday Luncheon

June 11 - Monthly Reading Group, 7 PM

June 21 - Deadline for RAM Clothing Drive Collection

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