Summer Worship
Begins Sunday, June 8th. 

There will be one worship service on Sunday mornings at 9:30a.m. with Children's Church and No Sunday School.  Schedule runs from June 8th through August 10th. We resume with an 8:30 and 10:30 worship service, 9:30a.m. Sunday School on August 17th.

Upcoming Events

Fall Bible Studies


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Our Christian Education programs at St. Luke:
  • strives to meet the educational needs of the entire congregation, from baptism through adulthood, so that the whole body of St. Luke cultivates faith, grows in knowledge and experience, and is inspired and empowered to live as disciples of Jesus Christ;
  • endeavors to help our members grow in their faith, understand it better and articulate it to others;
  • provides an atmosphere where children feel valued and have fun so they can't wait to come back;
  • connects biblical and theological teachings with our everyday life;
  • nurtures personal relationships and provides children and adults with friendships grounded in good Christian beliefs;
  • strives to appeal to a wide spectrum of people;
  • encourages and welcomes one and all to participate in the learning activities of the Church so that each person can find their niche and develop a comfort level with others in our Church family