Welcome Visitors, Newcomers, Guests, and Seekers!
St. Mark's is a thriving parish that welcomes visitors and newcomers. If you worshipped with us for the first time last Sunday or some other recent Sunday, please know that your presence was a true blessing to us. We hope that you felt welcomed, at ease, and that you will return to worship with us again and again and make St. Mark’s your church home.
If you have never visited St. Mark’s before and you just surfed in, we hope that you will visit soon!
However you may have found your way to this website, we are glad that you are here to find out more about our faith community.  If you…
  • Are already an active Episcopalian but new to Jacksonville and looking for a church home… You are welcome here. Contact Elizabeth Crosby here to learn about transferring your active membership from your former parish to St. Mark’s.
  • Are already are baptized and were raised in an Episcopal Church (St. Mark’s or any other) but have not been an active church-goer in a long time… You are welcome here.
  • Are already a baptized Christian but in a different denomination (Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc)… You are welcome here. Click here to find out how you can be either confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church.
  • Never have been a Christian, (Episcopalian or otherwise), were not raised in any church, but are interested in becoming a Christian, You are welcome here.
  • Are a strident non-Christian, a devout atheist, suspicious of “organized religion” and have no intention of ever becoming a Christian… You are welcome here.
  • Are not sure what you believe but feel curious and drawn to find out more about Christianity or the Episcopal Church… You are welcome here.
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