Description of Ministry

Advent 2018

Rector of Saint Michael and All Angels

Sanibel Island, Florida


Overall Mission:  To lead the congregation so that through its total life, the parishioners know and live the message of the Gospel and build up the Body of Christ.


Nature and Scope:  The Rector is the Principal Pastor and Chief Executive of the parish, responsible to the Vestry (which the Rector leads) and indirectly to the Bishop of the Diocese of Southwest Florida.  The Rector works closely with the Vestry, its officers and committees on all local policy matters – in accordance with the Canons of the Episcopal Church.  Directly reporting to, and serving at the pleasure of, the Rector, are full and part-time paid staff members:  Parish Office Manager, Minister of Music, Parish Nurse, Finance Administrator and Sexton, as well as non-stipendiary retired clergy associates.  A large number of parishioners also serve the parish and work with the Rector in voluntary roles in various commissions, committees, guilds, and the ECW’s Noah's Ark thrift shop.  The Rector functions in relationship to these various groups as recruiter of volunteers, appointment of chairs/directors, consultant on process and content, and supporter of each organization in its efforts to define, plan, and carry out its annual responsibilities.  The Rector may exercise the right of veto on all commission/committee matters relative to the spiritual welfare of the parish.

The Rector also represents the parish to the community and the larger Church, serving on Diocesan committees, clergy ministerial associations, the Fort Myers Deanery and Clericus, and local community organizations.  The Rector is chief liturgist of the parish, preaching regularly, conducting worship and overseeing music and other liturgies.  The Rector is the pastoral counselor of the parish, serving in situations of family crises, illnesses, problematic issues, marriages, and deaths – and situations both joyous and grievous.  The Rector oversees all aspects of physical and financial resources of the parish and serves as the central point of communication of parish goals, priorities, and programs.  In all of these responsibilities, the Rector attempts to increase the depth and breadth of lay leadership/participation in the parish.

The Rector must have above average educational achievement, skills/gifts as a preacher, a high degree of empathy and social affability, the ability to deal creatively with conflict and change, excellent administrative/organizational skills, and an ability to work as a team with the Vestry, staff, and other parish leaders and volunteers in a diverse and highly-involved constituency. 

Overall ministry Nature and Scope ammendments can be made collaboratively with the Vestry and Rector as  appropriate.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To lead worship, preach the Gospel, and administer the Sacraments, in ways that offer parishioners opportunities for spiritual renewal, strengthening of faith, participation, and renewed responses to Jesus Christ.  (See also Canon III.9.5)
  2. Provide for, and delegate as needed, the pastoral care of parishioners, so that individual and family joys, anxieties, distress, and grief are met with care, compassion, and love.
  3. Oversee and supervise the use of church facilities.  (See also Canon III.9.5)
  4. Guide and support staff, lay leaders and volunteers, and the congregation in establishing goals to which the parish can respond, so that its viability is assured.
  5. Build up the ministry of welcome so that newcomers are not only warmly invited but become integrated and assimilated into the parish.
  6. Encourage, inspire, and invite parishioners to participate and to lead, not only ensure the fulfillment of the Vestry’s goals but also to nurture the gifts and skills of all parishioners.
  7. With the Vestry, take an active leadership role in ensuring the financial health of the parish.
  8. Challenge the congregation to recognize the needs of others, so that people respond with their time, abilities, and finances – within and beyond the parish.  (See Canon III 9.5)
  9. Encourage and teach the congregation to view stewardship as a year-round activity that encompasses time, talent, and treasure.
  10. Prepare those couples desiring the Sacrament of Matrimony, and individuals desiring to be baptized, confirmed, received, or reaffirmed.  (See also Canon III 9.5)
  11. Ensure that a program of Christian Education is provided for parishioners of all ages in order that they learn the content of Faith, more deeply understand scripture, and use both in daily living.
  12. Maintain a wholesome and healthy pattern of life – spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
  13. Participate in ecumenical activities in the community of Sanibel.

(Also see other Canons of the Episcopal Church under “Rectors and Their Duties”.)