Parish Nurse Ministry

A Parish Nurse, is a health counselor regarding wellness and prevention of disease and illness; a health educator promoting the relationship between faith, health and lifestyle choices through articles and programs; an advocate in helping members make informed medical decisions; a liaison between members and appropriate resources in the community; and an integral member of the health ministry team facilitating a holistic approach to healing through presence and prayer.

Wendy's Pen

Articles written by Parish Nurse Wendy Warner, R.N. are featured in our monthly newsletter The Red Door. Wendy's articles cover such topics as Safety in the Home, Exercise, Healthy Living, Heart Attacks and much more. 

A brochure on this ministry is available here (or click on the red heart).





If you would like to hear more about a particular topic let Wendy know by calling (239) 472-2173 extension 4.

Last Published: October 7, 2019 6:11 AM