Funerals, Memorial Garden and Memorial Paver Bricks

What you need to know when planning a Funeral:

 All people deserve a Christian burial.

We at St. Richard’s are committed to providing time, space and appropriate liturgies to honor the lives of God’s people who lived in this world and to celebrate new life with God. 

Form of Service: The Book of Common Prayer provides two forms of the Burial Office. Rite I that uses traditional language and Rite II that is more contemporary.

Holy Eucharist: The sacrament of Holy Eucharist or Communion is traditionally part of a funeral service. It is optional if it is the tradition of the family to receive communion.

Readings: the prayer book provides a selection of suggested readings. At least one reading from scripture must be included. Poems and other readings may also be included.

Remembrances: After the readings we build in a time for family and friends to give a remembrance or eulogy .

Bulletins: A bulletin will be provided by the church office. They are printed in black and white and can include a photo of the deceased on the front cover .

Music and Flowers

St. Richard’s has an organist that is prepared to play at funerals. Hymns are powerful reminders of God’s love . Sacred music is preferred and in consultation with the organist more popular music can also be used. The fee for the organist is $200. St. Richard’s also has a flower guild that is happy to provide flowers for funeral services. We ask that the flowers be left in the church for Sunday Morning and that a donation of $100 be made to cover the cost of the flowers.


St. Richard’s has a Memorial Garden where we inter cremains. Plots are available for a $500 donation to the church. This includes a brass plaque with the person’s name and year of death on it. Interments can take place before or after a funeral service or on another day as the family desires.

Suggested Donations

Please  make a monetary donation to the church in honor of the deceased. Below we have provided some suggestions for your donation.

  • $500 for a service in the church
  • $500 for use of the Parish Hall (please see back cover for more information on Receptions)
  • $100 for our sexton who is present on site for services and ensures the church and grounds are clean and beautiful.
  • Clergy Honorarium: it is traditional for the family to give a gift to the clergy person who officiates the service. This gift is completely at the discretion of the family

Funeral Receptions

Frequently a space and time for people to gather to continue to remember the life of the deceased is requested. Our Parish Hall can accommodate any size event from a sit down meal for 120 people to a casual coffee hour for 25 people.  St. Richard’s can recommend several  caterers that can serve any size gathering.

If you wish to host a reception yourself, we ask that you provide your own linens and paper products.  Our kitchen facilities are well equipped and available to you.

Memorial Brick

Funeral Brochure

Final Rite - A Planner for an Episcopal Funeral

Final Rite: What Do YOU Want?
A Planner for an Episcopal Funeral by Dr. Carl MaultsBy

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