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St. Therese Catholic School prepares our students for the academic demands and spiritual challenges of a 21st Century community.   We en  sure academic achievement through a traditional pre-collegiate curriculum integrated within the teachings of the Catholic Church and under the direction of the Bishop. 
In addition to a full academic program of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, we provide an active enrichment program consisting of Spanish, Vocal Music, Physical Education, and Religious Studies daily.   Student learning is supported by a wide range of field trip experiences, grade level projects, and integrated instructional technology. 
St. Therese provides a comprehensive Middle School program taught by fully certified/highly qualified secondary teachers focused on pre-collegiate preparation.  St. Therese also provides a High School experience on campus for students in grades 9 thru 12.  The program includes online course work through Catholic Schools of Excellence, a nationally accredited  online instructional program.  In additon, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take advantage of the "Concurrent Enrollment Program" offered at near by Pueblo Community College or at Colorado State University - Pueblo. 
St. Therese Catholic School has not adopted "The Common Core" and does not report any student information to any agencies outside of the Diocese of Pueblo.  The school is led by an experienced principal with over thirty years in education and a Board of Directors appointed by the Bishop.

Providing a Faith - Filled Future . . . With an Academic Edge . . . In a Safe Environment

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Google for Education Comes to St. Therese
St. Therese Catholic School has been notified by Google that its request for a Google Domain and for Google Apps for Education has been approved.  Google is currently offering schools a hosted solution for their email, calendar, and academic content through Google Apps for Education.  This program is an integrated communication and collaboration solution, which will enhance our academic program.  Additionally, we will be able to complement the core suite of applications to meet our school’s needs, with access to several more Google services. 
The first step in this project will begin November 1st as St. Therese teachers begin shifting from an Outlook Express email account to a new Gmail account.  All of the current school Microsoft email accounts will remain active until the end of the school year in May.  Teachers will receive training on the new Gmail accounts and the expanded capabilities after parent teacher conferences and will begin introducing their Gmail account to parents and students in November. The new Gmail accounts will end with the Domain name “. . .”. 
Within the Google Apps for Education suite is an application entitled Google Classroom. Since Google Classroom was launched more than 10 million educators and students across the globe actively use it to teach and learn together, save time, and stay organized.  Teachers and students contributed to the creation of Google Classroom recognizing the need for a “mission control” – a central place for creating and tracking assignments, sharing ideas and resources, with the ability to turn in completed work and exchange feedback. Google Classroom is part of the lineup of tools within Google Apps for Education now used by students, teachers and administrators in schools and universities around the United States.
We are excited to begin this change over; but with any change, this project will take time, patience, and understanding.  In partnership with Corporate Technologies Inc. of Pueblo, we will take the rest of this school year to train, learn, and experience our Google Apps for Education to prepare for full implementation in 2016 – 2017 school year.  
Spirit Store
Spirit Store Our New Exclusive Uniform Provider
The Spirit Store, located inside The Imprinted Sportswear Shop, on 4225 North Elizabeth Street in Pueblo is our new exclusive uniform provider.  The Spirit Store will carry complete lines of clothing to meet all our students and their families uniform needs.  Sherrie Rino will be our primary customer representative.  Sherri and her staff are looking forward to helping St. Therese students with the school's dress code.  No longer will parents have to 'guess' if clothing meets the dress code requirements at the mall or other stores, the Spirit Store will have everything students need.
For a copy of the 2015 - 206 Uniform Dress Code, Click Here
The Spirit Store's phone number is (719) 534 - 2222
Hours are:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Doctor Creagar
St. Therese Remembers Dr. Creager
The St. Therese Catholic School community mourns the loss of one of its beloved volunteers Donald L. Creager, known to all of us as simply “Doc”.  Doctor Creagar, who passed away peacefully at home on July 4, 2015 was an ardent supporter of St. Therese Catholic School students and staff.  He donated countless hours and untold resources to managing the computer systems at St. Therese Catholic School and as a result established and maintained a vibrant and responsive instructional technology system. 
Doctor Creager was a great friend of St. Therese and supporter Catholic education.  Doc was always “just a phone call away” and took great pride in making sure students and teachers rarely if ever experienced a problem with their classroom computer systems.  Doctor Creager enjoyed a quiet sense of pride whenever students succeeded in online competitions such as the American Math Challenge or instructional programs such as Renaissance Learning.  We all knew that none of this would have been possible without Doc, but he would never let us give him the recognition he deserved and he would dismiss his role in our school’s success.
Doctor Creager was instrumental in the planning and implementation of the High School online program at St. Therese.  Without his expertise and dedication it is quite possible that our High School program would not have emerged from of the pilot phase to produce our first graduating class in May of 2015.
Doctor Creager was devoted to his family and Catholic faith and it showed.   We will miss his golf tales, fishing stories, and emails.  Doc’s example of commitment and selflessness is one that many of the staff and students who knew him would do well to imitate.   While we may begin a new school year without Doc, his presence will be felt, his impact on our students undiminished, and his legacy at St. Therese Catholic School unending. 
Thank You Doctor Creager.
Important Dates:
February 4
Cathedral Mass 1:30 pm
Catholic School's Week
February 15
No school-President's Day
March 11
3rd Quarter Ends
March 21-25
Spring Break
March 25
Good Friday
March 27
Easter Sunday
March 28
Easter Monday-No School


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