Pastoral Care Areas

In an effort to provide quicker responses in times of need, Trinity divided our congregation by zip codes.  Within each zip code an “area coordinator” works with a committee made up of other Trinitarians living in the same area.  The coordinator acts as a “point of contact person” -- a go-between with the church office/clergy and parishioners.  He/she works with committee members in that zip code area who will send cards, prepare meals for those who could use short-term meal assistance, help with “odd jobs,” or respond to members of our church family dealing with loss, in all of its dimensions.  Receiving a card, a phone call, or a visit lets folks know Trinity cares about them and helps members feel more connected. Hopefully feeling more connected lets members feel more comfortable about calling on their Church family when help is needed.  Some areas have organized social events as opportunities for Trinitarians to get to know one another better and we hope other areas will plan events.




Parish Shepherds

Each week a Parish Shepherd visits those in the hospital who have notified the office of their hospital stay.  There can also be follow-up visits to rehabilitation centers.






Caregivers’ Support Group

The Caregivers’ Support Group will meet Thursday, January 10, from 10 - 11:30 a.m. in the Health Ministries Room of Trinity. Women and men who are caregivers for a disabled or ill adult or child are invited to attend the meeting. Call Randall (540-207-0600), Brenda (540-226-2628) or Claire (540-479-6988) for more information.

Women and men who are caregivers for a disabled or ill adult or child meet monthly to provide support, information, and other assistance for each other.  The group members, led by two counselors, give each other emotional support and information as they progress through various stages of care-giving.  Members of this group sometimes transition to the Grief Support Group after their family member passes away.  A leader of the group compiles a library of books, articles, pamphlets, and other materials for the use of the congregation.







Health Ministry Committee

The Health Ministry Committee meets monthly to consider the health needs of the Trinity congregation. The Committee sponsors blood drives, offers periodic blood pressure checks, advises on health concerns through bulletin boards and Sunday bulletin inserts, hears speakers and collects information on resources on areas of concern, and provides other activities to promote healthy lives for Trinity members.




Fellowship Activities

Various groups offer fellowship opportunities such as a pancake supper, Italian dinner, chili cook-off, low country bowl, luau, and Trinity Sunday picnic.




Pastoral Care Committee

The Pastoral Care Committee meets monthly to review the progress and needs of the various pastoral care programs offered by Trinity


Knit/Crochet Group

The Knit/Crochet Group meets weekly on Tuesdays from 10 am - 12noon at Untangled Purls on Cowan Blvd. They gather for fellowship and work on knit/crochet projects. Contact Kathy Rundman at for more information.


Cafe' Trinity

Café Trinity is our weekly opportunity for food and fellowship.  It begins following our first service and continues until after Sunday School is over for the day.  Come for breakfast, come for a cup of coffee, come for a snack, or just come for an opportunity to visit with some friends.  Café Trinity can be found in Barber Hall, our large meeting room on the lower level of our main building.




Last Published: January 2, 2019 8:38 AM