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Journey to the East

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September 30 - November 11, 2018
Featuring Artwork by Jenny Henry

About this Exhibit 

My artwork is inspired by the lines and colors of Nature and the characteristics of plants, animals and the expressions of people. The love and passion that I have for Art is evident in my paintings, drawings and photography as well the other mediums I use. Ever since I was a kid I have always been very good with my hands and loved to draw and to color but was not encouraged because this was not considered a sensible direction that would allow me to earn a good income. Calligraphy was another interest that I picked up when I was little and something that I have to thank my Chinese teachers for. I grew up in Taiwan and I was educated in the public school system.  From early elementary school, we students were forced to write in our diaries with Chinese Brush and to practice our writing and in order to train our patience and thinking skills.  I guess it has been imprinted in my head ever since then, so now I hope to pass this traditional culture to the next generation and onto the generations to come.

Photography has also been an interest I have had for a long time.  My family loves to travel and what can be better than a camera to capture the memories and sights of the trips and places that we have lived and visited over the years.   As a young adult I was the manager of a Konica photo shop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan there I learned the skills of how to operate many different cameras and to develop and retouch 35mm, 2” x 2” and larger negatives in the darkroom. I was very skillful adjusting print colors and hues to create better prints and that is something that few people nowadays really know much about because now it’s all digital and computerized.

I always get great pleasure when I know that I can use art to stop the clock and capture a moment in time that preserves the beauty of the wonderful things that I have seen and touched.  My wish is to share my passion and happiness with others who enjoy my Artwork and to create a better tomorrow.

Yulin (Jenny) Henry

Yulin Jenny Henry has been a member of Woods for almost 20 years.  She has been married to her husband Philip for 26 blessed years.  Their two daughters Rebecca and Melissa were both baptized at Woods and are now Members of Woods.  Jenny is a member of the Adult Choir and the Art Committee, and is the chair of the Flower Committee.  Jenny has served as an Elder  at Woods Church.


The Art Ministry

The Woods Art Ministry was created out of the conviction that the arts have an important role to play in the life of the church. Throughout history, the arts have been one of the significant ways that people express and understand religious truth. The Art Ministry is responsible for art exhibits in the Wood Gallery and, from time to time, offers programs and resources related to the visual arts. These have included workshops, field trips and tours to view significant art, as well as providing visual arts for use in worship (banners, projected images, etc.)