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Guatemala - The partnership between the Baltimore Presbytyery and the Mayan Kaqchikel Presbytery, incorporates mutual empowerment based on Christian principles of compassion and community.  Woods funds this partnerhsip which currently supports their Pastoral Training Program, a medical clinic and other social programs, as well as sponsorship of students in primary, secondary or trade schools. A mission trip to Guatemala is planned on an annual basis. Contact Joan Clinch,  or visit


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Meadowbrook United Church, Kingston, Jamaica - has been our sister church since 1986 as our congregations seek to share our faith and cultures through visiting one another. A student scholarship is also provided annually for a child in need at Meadowbrook Preparatory School. For more information contact Scott Wiley or Kris McNally 410-647-2550



Ministry of Hope: Malawi Africa - Ministry of Hope is a Christ-centered community based organization that is responding to the growing number of orphans living in extreme poverty in Malawi, Africa. They serve children in six villages through their Feeding Centers which also employ widows; provide monthly mobile medical clinics and educational support; and also run two crisis nursery centers which care for recently orphaned infants through age 3.

Woods members can sponsor individual students and provide secondary school scholarships to encourage education as a way alleviate poverty. In addition, mission trips have been scheduled, the last one being in the Fall, 2010. Please contact Pat Johnson or Marsha Taylor for more information.